I'm a designer based in Vienna, eager to initiate projects, cooperate and collect new experiences. The stories I'm telling have a critical aspect - I want to investigate our lives, what fascinates and scares us, as we move towards unknown technological futures. Borrowing and combining tools from different disciplines, I like to react with a hands-on approach to often very abstract ideas. I want to open peoples' eyes for issues that tend to go unseen and trigger their imagination to provoke unorthodox solutions.

I grew up in a rural area of Austria, as the only son of a carpenter family. Between sawdust and heavy machinery, I learned to build things on my own - I was always the one with the best looking wooden weapons and today, my favourite place at university is still the wood and metal workshop, which I maintain and supervise. I would describe myself as a maker - while my colleagues are brainstorming, I'm already in the workshop, building mock-ups and experimenting. 
My family's carpentry also gave me something else - a feel for different materials and an interest in aesthetics, in what we consider beautiful, functional or necessary. This itself is a broad space and a neverending design issue - but at university, I learned that Design is much more than that. And above all, it is not always the answer to an issue - it can be even stronger when it is the question.
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