In this project, we looked into punishment and how to provide better social rehabilitation. As we were interested in online ethics and virtual emotions, we tried to propose a proper punishment method for online hate speech. 

The outcome was the fictional NGO "THEMIS", which filters social networks and blogs.
THEMIS then offers governments a neutral service for controlling online hate speech.
mockups to visualize a body part restriction


Taking the hate speaker’s illusion of online anonymity by creating a physical connection to their online actions.

Connecting social network accounts by a device on the perpetrator’s hand.

Teaching hate speakers to take responsibility for their actions by putting them into situations of discomfort.

Control is taken by influencing the perpetrator’s hand movement in unexpected ways.

Make hate speakers experience what loss of control feels like by rendering them physically powerless.

After a certain amount of confirmed hate speeches, a signal is sent to the device to trigger a certain hand movement.
What does a subtle hand controlling device look like?

We liked the idea of forcing a certain hand movement by triggering it with electronic muscle stimulation.

The muscles used in the intended motion are on the outside of the underarm, towards the elbow. This area would create a non-aggressive hand gesture.
The device will be delivered to the convicted person’s home. On the instruction sheet, the convict’s hate post is visible, as well as the duration of the punishment and instructions for the attachment.
in collaboration with, Fabio Hofer | Phillip Loidolt | Jona Lorenz

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