Hi, I am Flo, an interdisciplinary working designer and concept developer. With my approach, I try to question issues holistically, to find the root of a problem and solve it sustainably. 

I do not shy away from any project, whether it is product-related, in the event area, or of conceptual / artistic nature.

How will I support you?

As part of your team, I complement with a holistic/investigative point of view and perception. 
This leads faster, to efficient and innovative solutions. 

design thinking, communication design, product design, service design, agile praxis, social design, etc. 
are important approaches and significant tools for effective business strategies.

Soft Skills

analytical and networked thinking, communication, team spirit, efficient and accurate work style, quick perception and high willingness to learn, dynamic and flexible, time management, stress resistance, as well as a good sense of functionality, aesthetics, forms, colors and materials

Hard Skills

working with almost any material, creating individual solutions, 3D modeling (Rhino), planning, calculation, documentation, storytelling, building prototypes and high-end products, visualizations digital and physical, as well as basic knowledge in electronics, welding, photography, film and video productiont

Ps, Ai, Id, Pr, Ae, Au
Keynote, Excel
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