In Winter 2018, I did a guest semester at Industrial Design 1 headed by Stefan Diez. 

In my research, I was looking into body attachment methods, their behavior in motion and how to capture it.
I started to experiment with elastic bands and rigid objects. Fascinated by the point of maximum tension in a repeating movement, I decided to create a series of tension objects.
In this mockup I connected elastic bands to a wooden frame, even when the frame is tilted, the bands hold the white board in its initial position.
I looked into human motions and attached a wingsuit like a membrane to the silhouette of the body. It highlighted the moment of repetition and gave it a strong visual effect.

When wearing it, you immediately had the urge to run or to lean against the wind and get a glimpse of flying. 
It reminded me of something kids do, but lose when they grow older. 
Led by curiosity, I considered what other things adults have stopped doing, or what they wished to be able to do back when they were kids! Many ideas later, I put three in practice. 
The initial one FLYING, doing a ROLLOVER, and JUMPING REALLY FAR.
The cape, the shrimp and the crutch are a series of playful objects, that give back the desire to run, jump around and help to experience what seemed impossible before.
the Cape
the Shrimp
the Crutch
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