Illegal Rain
proposal where our story takes place
experiments to set the right mood
3D modle to find out about sizes
1:10 modle
tiny making
testing proportions
experimenting with surface exciter
first remote control mockup
second remote control mockup
making the windows
spray painting everything
having fun
researching rain making function
first mockup
second mockup
detail of final drone element
Lucy considering if all the screws where necessary
setting up the digital technique at the LDB
Offscreen Virtues
tension object
tension object
tension object
showing maximum point of tension
hand detail
testing the final cape
first idea, to hard
second idea, inflatable
cutting pattern
first try
oversize crutches
mixing crutch and sinn for more momentum
My Curated Self
losing communication skills
using the phone to see
having fun
infra red light experiments
making a kaleidoscope physically
making a kaleidoscope digitally
late night session
mounting of the phone
stencil #everybodylikesmycuratedself
breathing nature
shooting at night
manual special effects
you need many hands when you work manual
Legal Person
engaging with nature
the soil chair
feeling the
representing a tree at the parliament
showing the importance of nature
empathizing with cut trees
augment walking
augment walking
augment specific motions
exploring stronger awareness of motion
growing a parasitic guardian
taking away body functions
taking away body functions
taking away body functions
taking control over the hand | strings
taking control over the hand | magnetism
taking control over the hand | muscle stimulation
building a more subtle device
final device
showing the intended hand movement
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