Suggesting and exploring new ways of moving by building bodily awareness.
This project started with research on human motion, as well as tactile and kinesthetic perception.

It didn’t take long until I discovered the world of exoskeletons, devices with characteristic complexity and visual language. I wanted to create something different, so I experimented with low-tech methods.

This led to a more specific topic: the master discipline of exoskeleton science. 
I tried to improve walking, not by augmenting it but rather by changing the walking motion as we know it. Research shows that the energy cost can vary by a few percents depending on our walking style.
Due to the multitude of unknown factors, walking was just the first step in a wider exploration of body kinetics.
Still challenging myself to work as low-tech as possible, I attached rubber bands to my upper body. 
Interestingly, I noticed that my consciousness for the simplest of movements became stronger. 
Even minor rearrangements of the band augmented this sense in different and exciting ways.
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